Cashium 網站維護通知,有可能會倒閉

2010-11-16 14:32:13

11-16  今日Cashium站長稱PP被封,可能結束網站運營,恢復的希望很小。

原文:We have a bigger problem, PayPal has frozen whole balance of Cashium and after a phone call I was told they would not give it back before 90 days. Yes, that's not fair but I could not persuade them. When I told the agent 'this means the end of our business' all she told me is 'sorry'. We have never had any suspicious activity and we have made all refunds and we have always kept enough balance for possible refunds. I can hear 'scam' exclamations, trust me I have worked for Cashium round the clock and always regarded members benefecations, at this point everything has turned into a nightmare that I can not handle. Even though I'll be called a scammer, I'm set at ease since I have strained every nerve. I'm asking members who deposited so far to open disputes. Honestly my biggest mistake was using PayPal service. What a shame, I have always been told they would be happy to use their service.

What is next?
In my opinion a new management would be beneficial for both members and me. I'll make my best to protect the investor rights.


11-15  今日Cashium 無法登錄,提示:We are moving to a more secure server. We will be back soon.



LR $1 ¥6.55 人民幣
AP $1 ¥6.35 人民幣
人民幣 ¥6.8 $1 LR
人民幣 ¥6.8 $1 AP


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